The Holiday season is upon us and I wanted to increase awareness to a cause dear to my heart;

Alzeimer is an uncurable desease that affect many people.

Ny mother diagnostic came as a surprise, We never really paid attention to the early signs when she was confused about a place or forgetting names, We use to tease her about getting old but it didn’t get better and she is now entering the last stage of her journey. She need 24 Hours care and has regress to a point where she is ghosting thru her daily life.

 A cancer survivor, she was full of energy, traveling the world and filling up her “Bucket list”  with great memories. THIS IS ALL GONE !

We are very fortunate that she receive plenty of support from her family and medical staff in France but I also understand the toll Alzeimer take on relatives.

I would gratefully appreciate any donation to the Alzeimer’s Foundation of America during this holiday Seasons.

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